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About us

Wood of Fire is a Polish manufacturer of unique fired wood panels. The charring technique is inspired by the traditional Japanese Shou Sugi Ban 焼 杉 板 method known for 700 years. The boards are fired in special furnaces, thanks to which they obtain a unique charred surface, visible in the color and texture of the wood. Firing protects the wood against external factors and gives it a unique look.

The combination of wood and fire not only creates a beautiful composition, but also ensures extraordinary durability. The board can be used as a decorative element for cladding facades, walls, ceilings and fences. Production takes place in a controlled manner – piece by piece – in special furnaces that ensure even and uniform firing parameters. Our team is constantly committed to developing new methods of carbonizing, finishing, selecting new types of wood and creating new products.

Wood of Fire fired boards have already found their way to most European countries:

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